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This is our official list for all of our HIRE services! Please reach out for a free consultation with any service plan to discuss what you are looking for and how we can help!

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Hiring and Employment Services

Job Seekers

One of the hardest parts of seeking new opportunities is knowing where to look! Go 4 HIRE will discuss all of your goals, experience, skills, and requirements, and figure out what the next step in your career path is!

Once we gather all of this information, we will reach out to a multitude of companies that could be a great fit, and help you find employment! There is absolutely no charge at all for you, the job seeker, during this process. Please contact us so that we can learn more about you and work together!


Our goal is to help employers find the perfect fit to be a part of their culture! We work with numerous job seekers in all industries and professions during the resume writing and interview coaching processes to ensure that they will be an asset to your business! Please contact us to discuss what you are looking for and how we can help.

Go 4 HIRE Process

The Go 4 HIRE process always starts with a personalized conversation with you to learn more about the company and what roles you may be looking to fill to improve the company culture. Once signing an agreement, our hiring and sourcing specialists utilize our resources to locate qualified candidates. With our national certification in Resume Writing and Interview Coaching, and our love for making face-to-face connections, we ensure that any potential candidate we present to your company will be a benefit to the team and overall culture.


The contingency agreement is the most beneficial agreement for our trusted clients. We will screen, interview, and assess clients prior to submitting them to the client. The client may interview the selected candidates at no charge, and the only fee is when the individual is hired.

Interview Coaching

A strong interview can help you earn more and go for higher opportunities! Our
interview coaching methods are specialized to fit your exact needs. We will first discuss
your goals, do extensive research into numerous companies in your fields of interest or the specific company you are applying to, and help you prepare! This includes discussing important topics and questions that may be asked, along with conducting mock interviews.

This service also provides application and interview tips, such as how to stand out from other potential applicants! Pre-written emails and guides are included to explain what to do and say to employers.

1 Hour Interview Session: $125

Bundle with any resume writing service plan to save $50!

Resume Writing Services

Resumes are a representation of you as a potential employee before meeting an employer or administrator. We ensure that you are described in a way that shows how amazing you really are! Please review all plans to figure out which might be the best fit, and we will be happy to discuss. All resume packages can be bundled with an interview coaching session to save $50!

All plans include detailed resume that is made to attract employers on job board websites. These also come with a customizable cover letter designed based on your requests, skills and experience.

All resumes include 2 free revisions after you receive the first copy, and can be updated within the first 6 months of receiving the document with any new experience you receive.

All resume packages can be upgraded to include LinkedIn profile optimization for an extra $50!

The GETTING STARTED Plan (0-4 Years of Experience)

(Approximately 1 page)

This is the best option for those who are applying to colleges, universities, or graduate schools. Many institutes look for detailed resumes to ensure that you meet their criteria.

Or, for those looking to start your first or next job in your field of interest, it is important to have a resume that shows your education, skills, and potential experience that can be applied! There can be a lot of competition in positions that require little-to-no experience, so we’ll make sure you stand out.

Service Cost: $100

With LinkedIn Profile Optimization: $150

Advanced-Level Career Resume Services (5-10 Years of Experience)

(Approximately 2 pages)

Being established in your career field is always important when moving up or seeking new opportunities. In higher positions like these, letting employers know how skilled and valuable you are through a resume is the best way to move up and progress in your career!

Service Cost: $200

With LinkedIn Profile Optimization: $250

Executive-Level Career Resume Services (10+ Years of Experience, Director to C-Level Roles)

(Approximately 3 pages)

Our resume writing services will thoroughly detail your career accomplishments and how you can add tremendous value to your next position. These resumes will cover all of your long-term initiatives in a complex and executive manner in order to launch the next step in your professional career.

Service Cost: $300

With LinkedIn Profile Optimization: $350

Post-Retirement Resume Services (Seeking New Opportunities)

For individuals who have retired, starting a new job can be a great way to continue productivity! This resume service will detail all of your past accomplishments and experiences, and describe them in a way that will be applicable to your next endeavor!

Service Cost: $150

With LinkedIn Profile Optimization: $200

Essay Writing and Guidance

Besides a transcript, a college admission essay is one of the most important things when pursuing further education. At Go 4 HIRE, we offer certified professional essay writing for any kind of prompt or scenario. Our rates start at $20 a page with at least a week in advance before deadline. Prices may vary depending on type of essay or due date.

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